Monday 18 Jun 2018
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The College

Character: Private College

Graduates’  Characteristics: Greek, Serbian, Montenegrean, Russian, Bulgarian, Romanian, Germany, South Africa, Belgium. college-graduates

Female:  40%

Male:      60%

Length of studies: Three years or longer

College Accreditation: Officially licensed by the Hellenic Republic Ministry of Education.

College Advisory Board:

Dr Gerald Bober
Dr George Tzoannos
Dr Kyriaki Sapountzaki
Claire Harris BA Hospitality Management

Teaching Staff: BAs, Mscs, Phds.

our team

The College was founded in 1992 and offers ever since a complete programme of hospitality and tourism studies.


The education offered covers both the necessary theoretical knowledge and application / practical work through on-the-job training. Thus, it combines academic and scientific subjects with professional requirements and practical experience. Since the year 2010 the College offers an on line program as well.

The College places both its Administration and campus in Athens.